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We have over 200k mind-blowing, show-off shades to choose from you know! Intense and vibrant, deep and dazzling, flat and matte, knock-out neons, wet look vivids, jewel-bright metallics, chameleon flips and colour change iridescents – the potential combinations are endless - don't hold back!!

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The Application of imagination

What we do

With over 11 years dedicated experience in applying custom coatings and providing high quality paintwork for our customers, Spectrum Paintworx can advise and assist you to achieve your most ambitious and colorful vision for your project. We can match your brand or historic colour or work with you in a well-planned creative partnership to develop and apply bespoke colourways to the highest standards of professional quality and flair.

What kind of project are you planning?

We can provide bespoke paint finishes and coatings for a wide range of items.  Including but not limited to those listed below.

  • High End Café/Restaurant & Super Yacht Interior Finishes
  • Creative Exhibition Signage & Displays
  • Feature Walls & Branded Placement Backdrops
  • Hotel & Residential Furnishings to include Radiators, Security Safes, Room Dividers
  • Durable & Abrasive Resistant High Gloss or Satin Wood Finishes
  • Bespoke Painted Bar & Table Tops
  • Specified Architectural Finishes
  • Garden Ornaments & Planters
  • Unique Sculpture & Art Finishes
  • Personal Cinema, Sound Systems & Musical Instruments

Lets talk about your colour:

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Spectrum works with interior designers and homeowners who are looking for truly bespoke and distinctive features and statement pieces to enhance their homes. From living areas to bathrooms and kitchens, fixtures, fittings, furniture and appliances, gardens and exterior features, Spectrum’s beautiful and unique finishes are executed to the highest standards.



Spectrum provides professional services for clients working on a wide variety of commercial premises projects such as corporate, retail, sports, hospitality, public and entertainment environments - anything with branding applied like signage or exhibition and display units but also to interior or exterior construction, refit or restoration - architectural fabrications, shop or office fittings, feature walls, displays and showcase backdrops, public area decor, facilities and equipment and insurance work.

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Spectrum works with product designers and manufacturers to develop unique colour ranges and regulation compliant, fit for purpose finishes for products that have the visual edge in the marketplace. Make colour your market leading USP or even offer your customers the option to personalise their own product with a bespoke range of customisation options.



For collectors and auto enthusiasts, award-winning transformations & period restorations for your classic, vintage or contemporary dream car, motorbike, boat or even aircraft. Spectrum specialises in creating truly unique custom and matched colours and  finishes and applying them to high end Concours standards.

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Professionally applied bespoke colour finishing for creative edge, superior performance & enduring protection

At Spectrum Paint Worx, our flair for colour begins beneath the surface. Our fine quality, craftsman-applied bespoke finishes have enhanced hundreds of projects large and small, from retail and corporate fittings and architectural fabrications to light aircraft, boats, motorcycles, hi-fi cabinets and musical instruments. We can advise on and professionally apply incredible coatings to almost any surface or object.

We can formulate a perfect match or a colour like no other, pushing the boundaries of pigments and application techniques to achieve unique results.

Whether you are a design professional or an individual with a project of passion, rely on us for the professional skill, personal attention and technical expertise to ensure that your colour finishing projects will not just deliver on your vision but stand the test of time.

Bespoke Colour Formulations

The world of colour is our business at Spectrum. We have over 200,000 vehicle colours, as well as a full range of RAL colours for your interior surface needs at our disposal, plus our network of professional and industrial relationships, we can provide the very latest high quality specialised paints and coatings from across the globe


At our workshop facilities in Kent, we are equipped to undertake coating and finishing projects from cold metal sprays to full bare metal restoration projects with a wide range of techniques and technologies including custom paint systems developed in house.


We work closely with leading paint and decorative finish manufacturers to ensure correct procedures and products are used so that the complex and unique colour and finish results we achieve can also be relied on to meet the most exacting standards for durability, safety, performance and environmental standards. Spectrum has also developed in house solutions for specific substrate challenges.


Spectrum Paintworx is owned and managed by Paul Clark who brings the company over 30 years' experience in the coatings industry gained in technical and colourist roles for globally recognised paint companies. We are a member of the Institute of the Motor Industry [] and supported by personnel qualified in Vehicle Finish NVQ Level 3 and Management NVQ Level 4.

Lets talk about your colour: Call +44 (0) 1795 844600


Discover a world of colour options

Explore the possibilities of a world-leading range of colours and coatings with Spectrum. Stand out from the crowd with a vibrant, knock-em-dead blaze of individuality or convey flawless class with a subtle and sophisticated rendition of a classic look.

Whatever the surface, your palette is almost unlimited with Spectrum.

Go on, break the rules!

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