Stand out from the crowd

With a vibrant, knock-em-dead blaze of individuality or convey flawless class with a subtle and sophisticated rendition of a classic look. Whatever the surface, your palette is almost unlimited.

Unleash your imagination

The Spectrum Paintworx team, led by our master colourist and CEO Paul Clark, are experts in developing these unique custom combinations and application techniques so that they will perform at optimum quality and endure whatever you and the rest of the world challenge them with.

Bespoke Baths

Your Colour, Your Choice!

We have over 200k mind-blowing, show-off shades to choose from you know! Intense and vibrant, deep and dazzling, flat and matte, knock-out neons, wet look vivids, jewel-bright metallics, chameleon flips and colour change iridescents – the potential combinations are endless - don't hold back!!

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A wide array of finishes

Softly glowing pearlescent coatings are so in fashion! You’ll just love the way they enhance the contours of your product or project and display subtle colour shifts and reflections. Gorgeous with whites and neutral shades, they also provide a wonderful way to indulge a love of vibrant colour with a finish that is cool, sophisticated and very special.

Got a wild idea?

Call us and tell us what you have in mind or send us an image and we’ll figure out how it can be done. When you choose to work with Spectrum Paintworx we want you to feel supported by a professional, well-managed process.

Create a supremely luxurious look

Our longstanding relationships with manufacturers and knowledge of the properties and capabilities of specialist basecoats and primers, means that we have the science to create the art and produce stunning hard-wearing effects that push the boundaries of standard pigments to levels you will not find elsewhere.Start here to unleash your imagination….go on, break the rules!

The team at work

Spectrum were approached by a high-end property and interior design team to bring a wow factor to a cast iron bath that would sit as a centre piece within a newly refurbished bathroom setting. Subtle and elegant was specified and in keeping with their request we utilised a beautiful Gold Pearl over white base our custom pearl range, finished with several layers of clear to bring out the depth.

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