Spark your Creativity!

Before you dive in to our overview of some of the fine quality paints and coatings that we love to use, it’s worth understanding a little of what goes into creating a custom colour.

Almost all these professional quality paints, films and finishes can be combined in layers to achieve amazing effects. The Spectrum Paintworx team, led by our master colourist and CEO Paul Clark, are experts in developing these unique custom combinations and application techniques so that they will perform at optimum quality and endure whatever you and the rest of the world challenge them with.

Our longstanding relationships with manufacturers and knowledge of the properties and capabilities of specialist basecoats and primers, means that we have the science to create the art and produce stunning hard-wearing effects that push the boundaries of standard pigments to levels you will not find elsewhere.

Start here to unleash your imagination….go on, break the rules!

Explore the possibilities of a world-leading range of
colours and coatings with Spectrum.

Stand out from the crowd with a vibrant, knock-em-dead blaze of individuality or convey flawless class with a subtle and sophisticated rendition of a classic look.

Whatever the surface, your palette is almost unlimited.

Automotive Supercolours

Well, if you must have beige, we'll do it for you and make it special - but we have over 200k other mind-blowing, show-off shades to choose from you know! Intense and vibrant, deep and dazzling, flat and matte, knock-out neons, wet look vivids, jewel-bright metallics, chameleon flips and colour change iridescents – the potential combinations are endless - don't hold back!! No matter how tough the conditions your item will need to cope with, you don’t need to compromise on durability and protection to power up your projects with amazing colour.


Bespoke Vehicle Paint Finishes

Kandy Tinted Lacquers

Spectacular, vivid Kandy tints are among the most popular choices to add vibrancy to all kinds of colourwork. They can be mixed with transparent topcoats to create a sheen with an unmatchable depth and luminosity. They look absolutely stunning applied over pure colour or as an enhancer to special effects.

1969 Camaro

Harrison Billet Trike

2015 Indian Scout

Sprayable Metal

No, it's not a metallic paint - it's literally liquid metal. Available in dozens of colours and capable of adhering to almost any substrate including wood, MDF, plastic, mineral substrates, fiberglass, ceramics, concrete, foam, porcelain, glass, it doesn't just look like cast metal, it behaves like it. Due to the high concentration of metal powder, these state-of-the-art specialist paints even have the same heat conductivity as real metal materials. Even on exterior surfaces they are proven to withstand whatever the elements throw at them for decades.

And of course, whether you are looking to create a supremely luxurious look for a lush 5-star interior, uber-fashionable decayed urban fixtures and fittings for your industrial-style kitchen, gleaming signage for your high-end brand identity or an apparently pure gold electric guitar to thrill your adoring fans, liquid metal paint can achieve the look for a fraction of the cost - or weight - of the same thing in real metal. And just think of the possibilities for product design or installation artworks! We are always delighted to assist artists, craftspeople and sculptors with their work.

INNOMetal® Surfaces

Inspiring Iridescents

The de facto coolest new kid on the block, iridescent and flip colour change coatings that transform depending on the angle of the light falling on them, have been storming the swatch books of industrial paint finish insiders these past few years. They are lightweight and ultra-resistant - as practical as you could wish for in fact, despite their absolutely off-the-scale impact - and now much more accessible an option for those who want their colour coating to be so leading edge that everyone else gets left scrabbling about in the dust. A pretty good choice for those who just can't make up their minds too! Colour change coatings come in a fantastic range of different colourways and can be combined with other effects to create an even more impressive custom look.

Feature Walls

Unique Paint Finishes

Eye Catching Signage

Cool & Classic Marble

Want to rock a marble look without the expense and heavy lifting involved in installing the actual thing? We have a fantastic range of natural marble paints and finishes to choose from. There’s no need to stop with the cool greys and whites though. Marble effects can be combined with any colour to create a unique and eye-catching custom effect. Even better, they can be applied to almost anything. Anyone fancy a marble motorbike?

Bespoke Tabletops

Custom Speaker Enclosure

Custom Speaker Enclosure

Magical Pearlescents

Softly glowing pearlescent coatings are so in fashion! You’ll just love the way they enhance the contours of your product or project and display subtle colour shifts and reflections. Gorgeous with whites and neutral shades, they also provide a wonderful way to indulge a love of vibrant colour with a finish that is cool, sophisticated and very special.

Orange Pearl

White Pearl

Ice Gold Pearl

Sparkling Flake FX

Don’t write sparkling flake off as a disco bunny choice! Our fine quality flake pigments are designed to deliver a fascinating fine-milled sparkle at maximum power. They can be combined with colour shift effects and wet look glosses to produce a rich and exciting 3D effect that’s hard to take your eyes off – so satisfying! They can be as flamboyant or retro as you want or provide an intriguing “Ingredient X” element of depth and detail to darker colours.

Bespoke Flake Cabinet

Chameleon Flake

Custom Flake Petrol Tank

Hydro-dipping: Picture this…

Hydro-dipping is a fantastic technique which allows printed graphics (Hydrographics is the technical term) to be embedded beneath an everything-proof 2D or 3D surface. The possibilities are pretty much endless. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of fabulous designs available commercially or we can arrange for custom films to be made up for you featuring any artwork or photograph you desire.

Hydrodipping carbon fibre finish

Hydrodipping wood finish

Hydrodipping wood finish

RAL Colour Matching

When you need to work to brand guidelines, Spectrum has several options available dependant on client and designer specifications. 

The RAL and NCS Colour Systems have always been the European standard for matching colour – they works much the same as the Pantone system for print and digital design, but for paint.

Modern designer colours are becoming ever more popular, created with clients in mind who want a broader range of colours, to stand out from the crowd, whilst still maintaining and matching business brands or complimenting interior furnishings.

Spectrum can formulate and document colour finishes and varying gloss levels for your project, ensuring that your logos and signage are completely consistent with your corporate identity.

Got a wild idea? Call us and tell us what you have in mind or send us an image and we’ll figure out how it can be done.


How does Spectrum work?

When you choose to work with Spectrum Paintworx we want you to feel supported by a professional, well-managed process. Three things are important to us:

  • Ensuring you know just what to expect from us and when.
  • Giving you fantastic service through every stage of the job.
  • Achieving amazing results that are exactly what you want.