Spectrum protects both you and the environment

Life, Nature, Health and Safety!


The Spectrum team enjoys being alive and well and therefore we are extremely stringent in our health & safety practices for our own sakes as well as that of visitors to our workshop and grounds. We do not regard compliance with all the relevant Health & Safety regulations for our trade as a burden, but as a duty to protect ourselves, our clients and visitors and the end users of our products.

Working with paints and coatings involves careful attention to preventing exposure to toxic chemicals that can enter the human body as well as the earth and water, the effects of which can be highly dangerous. Correct handling of inflammable substances are also part and parcel of our safety procedures. Our secure premises are fully equipped with effective, well-maintained fire safety and fire-fighting equipment. Your insurers, particularly those underwriting valuable vehicles or high worth sculptures and design projects will be very satisfied.

Proper maintenance of tools and equipment, protective clothing and shielding of work areas, and safe storage of materials are all vital to protecting health and property and we pride ourselves on working absolutely by the book in all respects.


All waste and paint products generated onsite are contained in correct disposable containers ready for removal by licensed waste removal companies coupled with paperwork trail and kept on file as per our legal obligations. We conduct an annual waste review which includes a breakdown of waste including recycled and wet and dry waste.


By the time our completed projects leave our premises they have been fully sealed and cured in accordance with regulations so that there is no risk of users becoming contaminated by any chemical residues. However, there are also health and safety considerations for both end users as well as delivery and installation teams when choosing paints and coatings, even colours. Spectrum will assess potential issues during the consultation phase and advise you on making safe and sustainable choices.

Some of the risk factors we consider:

Visibility: For example, where dark colours are used in poorly lit areas.

Anti-slip: Some coatings are not suitable for surfaces which might have objects placed on them, stairs, walkways or recreational equipment. Even small fixtures and fittings in wet areas like bathrooms or around swimming facilities can pose risks to users.

Exposure to heat – dangers of both inflammability or of emissions from materials used. Particularly important in food preparation areas.

Reflection: Signage near roads needs to meet with safety standards to avoid glare that might dazzle motorists, either caused by sunlight or headlamps. Correct positioning can sometimes deal with this.

Safety glass: Where glass forms a part of an installation it is important to ensure that appropriate products are used and also to consider the safety of installation and transportation crews.

Roadworthiness: The Spectrum team are highly experienced in a wide variety of automotive projects. All personnel who deal with vehicles of any type are either professionally qualified to observe the highest road safety standards themselves or supervised by a someone who is. We are members of The Institute of the Motor Industry and as such ensure that we are always up to date not only with known and regulated risk issues but also fully aware of any new developments that might members report.


Our standard range of colour finishes, 200,000 manufacture car colours, are all compliant waterborne products as per the <EU’s Paints Directive and VOC Solvent Emissions Directive

This prevents VOC being emitted to the atmosphere. All paint manufacturers and distributors have info available for this.

Where required, solvent borne products are used under UK historic legislation and Spectrum complies with regulations required by Global Paint companies by providing photographic and documented evidence allowing product needed for correct historic restoration to be supplied and to ensure your product’s ecological and safety provenance.

These cover older cars that require the same, or close matches to paint colours originally used. Many of our custom pigments such as Kandy dyes, flakes, flip colours are solvent-based.


Paints and coatings can be used to breathe new life into old products too. We’ve recently done a fantastic project repurposing blown plastic plant pots saved from from landfill.


How does Spectrum work?

When you choose to work with Spectrum Paintworx we want you to feel supported by a professional, well-managed process. Three things are important to us:

  • Ensuring you know just what to expect from us and when.
  • Giving you fantastic service through every stage of the job.
  • Achieving amazing results that are exactly what you want.