ZC live Signage

An interview with Paul Clark, director of Spectrum Paintworx, on the sign he created for the ZC Live exhibition on Friday 1st June 2018.


R3 Dark

We recently completed the paintwork on this epic R3 Dark. A stunning project to be sure. The finished look is nothing short of breathtaking


Interior Design

We are able to provide you with unique and bespoke options for your interior designs, allowing you to achieve a real one-off look.

This custom tailored radiator has had a purple base coat applied, with a satin clear cloat on top.

If you are struggling to find interior fittings in your preferred colours, we may be able to help.


Speaker Enclosures

This custom speaker enclosure began with the application of a high quality wood primer coating, followed with a black base coat and then Marble coating. Finally a high gloss clear coat to finish.

The logo is layered in from a silver base coat, covered with a gold candy, and topped off with a double layer of high gloss clear coat.

If you would like to discuss your ideas for a custom design, get in touch [email protected]


Color Matched Audio Units

At Spectrum Paint Worx we create various paint & finish options for your Audio & sound systems

Supported with over 200,000 manufacturer, Ral and BS colours available or alternately custom flake & pearl pigments, Kandies & Marble effects completed with beautiful Gloss or Satin clearcoat finishes will make for a unique visual treat, when showcasing your audio systems

Stylish Safes

We are able to customise the safe in your chosen colour choice, coating type and graphic design, ideal for displaying your brand.

All of our coatings are finished to the same exacting standards as our show car projects, so these safes will visually complement any environment.

INNOMetal® Coating

INNOMetal® looks, feels, and acts like hot-cast metal, because it is up to 95 percent metal. It will adhere to almost any surface, including but not limited to: foam, plastic, gypsum, wood, metal, fiberglass, plaster, ceramics, concrete, terra cotta, cardboard and even paper. Once cured, the product has all the characteristics of a cast metal piece, including texture, luster and heat conductivity.

Simply stunning!


Marble Effect Coating

Similiar to the speaker enclosure above, this stereo system casing received a black base coat and then Marble coating. Finally a high gloss clear coat to finish.

Truely a One-off

Motorbike Petrol Tanks

Showcasing the appearance of INNOMetal® these petrol tanks have been coated in gun smoke, copper,aged bronze and magnesium. And finally a industrial satin clear coat to finish.

Designer Kitchen Cabinets

These beautiful bespoke cabinets first received a wood primer, followed by a black base coat. A Gold Marble was then applied to the inner face and the edging received a Coarse Flake with Emerald Kandy coat. The whole surface then received a high gloss clear coat.


Custom Candelabra

These candelabra stands were coated with a industrial clear coat with layered translucent dye additions. Allowing us to create these vibrant colours.

If you have a favourite item that needs a tidy up or maybe you fancy a complete change of colour. Our coating technicians will ensure you receive the highest standard of finish possible.


Custom Finishes

A selection of our custom finishes, including: 

  • marble
  • basecoats
  • flakes
  • chameleon flakes
  • anodised effects
  • dye additions

Picture Frames

Do you wish you could have the perfect matching look for your picture and canvas frames?

We can help, our colours, finishes and INNOMetal® coatings, will allow you to choose exactly the style you want

Allow us to solve your interior design dilemma!