Speakers with a difference

Project Details

To showcase our custom range we teamed up with The Hideout Creative Designers for 2 Mission Speakers for their chill out room. They gave us free reign to deliver speakers with finishes that had never been seen before & giving them the wow factor which I’m pleases to say is exactly what we did.

We set to work removing the manufacturing black vinyl & treated speaker 1 with Morrells wood primer. Speaker 1 was then painted in Black Base colour followed with Flip Marble & a coat of Max Mayer clearcoat to act as a sealer. Once cured we carefully wet flatted using P1200 grade paper, dried & masked out The Hideouts logo & sprayed Silver base colour followed with Gold Kandy. This was then de-masked & Max Meyer clearcoat applied followed with a final compound & polish using Scholl Concepts products.

Speaker 2 was left un-primed & coated using INNOMetal® Magnesium, once cured by heat we dry sanded starting with P320 grade & worked through P500, P800, P1000 to P1200. This stage leaves an industrial almost concrete look with slight imperfections to the surface that look great. We then masked our areas out & sprayed INNOMetal® copper to create their logo. Once heat cured we de-masked, carefully sanded to the levels required & coated in an industrial Satin clearcoat to help against surface contamination & fingerprints.

Project Images