Product line colours, coatings and customisation solutions for designers and manufacturers

Spectrum Paintworx helps product designers and manufacturers develop and create unique colour finishes and systems that give your products the visual edge and quality that will make them stand out in the marketplace. We work with you to develop and apply high quality, cost-effective colour formulations, ranges and systems that are compliant with health & safety and environmental regulations and ensure that, whatever your product, it is fit for purpose as well as highly marketable.

All Spectrum projects are conducted under the exacting supervision of Paul Clark, whose experience as a senior colourist and technician in a global paint company enables us to offer you a level of professional expertise, product knowledge and innovation that goes considerably beyond the capability of average paint workshops.


You are not limited to the same colours as your competitors. We have relationships with the manufacturers of over 200,000 colours, coatings, finishes and special effects. We don’t just know how to apply them flawlessly as they are. Whereas, in general, paint manufacturers will not support a cross-over of different paints that are not generic to their company product range or fall outside application criteria, we have the in-depth knowledge to create unique combinations and effects and make sure they really work and stand the test of time.


As well as creating and applying standard colour ranges, Spectrum can also provide customisation support, allowing your customers to personalise their products from a range of bespoke options and combinations including a wide range of special effects, patterns and graphics. We collaborate with you to develop a system and display so that your customers can see – and feel – a range of options that they can combine to build their own personalized product, or even to match their own décor or branding. We can also assist you in determining corresponding colour codes for both print and digital catalogue display


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Explore the possibilities of a world-leading range of colours and coatings with Spectrum. Stand out from the crowd with a vibrant, knock-em-dead blaze of individuality or convey flawless class with a subtle and sophisticated rendition of a classic look.

Whatever the surface, your palette is almost unlimited with Spectrum.

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