Like any bespoke creative project, creating and applying a professional paint finish is a collaborative process between you, as our client, and us. Managing the workflow and scheduling so that all the elements combine efficiently speeds things up and helps your project stay on time and on budget.

For specific information about some of the more complex project processes check out our project pages:

Every project is different, but they mainly follow this basic model.


The first task is to carry out a detailed examination of the surface(s), known as substrates, we will be working on.  After identifying the substrate, we will look at its condition and establish what treatments, repairs and corrections are necessary to achieve a flawless and enduring result. For new items, we advise on the best construction material for the job at hand.


Deciding on the right pigments and finish to achieve the look you want is definitely the fun part! Depending on your requirements, we will work with you to match brand or historic colours, create an entirely unique colour or emulate a shade and effect from your reference materials. And, selecting the finish goes far beyond “matt, gloss or satin” at Spectrum. We’ll guide you through your choices and show you some of the amazing possibilities we can create to make your project truly exceptional.


The planning stage usually involves either a site visit by us to see where the item will be situated or maybe you’ll bring the item to us. We will create a structured schedule for the work. As well as determining our internal workflow, we’ll look at labour and material costs, co-ordination with any third parties and fabrication work as well as agreeing terms with you and factoring in any legalities such as trademarks, copyright and insurance cover.


Now it’s time to get down to the art & science of creating a combination of colour and finishes to produce not just the look but also the long-term durability and protection that your item needs to perform at its best in the environment and conditions that it will function in. Spectrum source specialist materials from leading manufacturers and our expert knowledge and experience allows us to push the boundaries to achieve completely unique looks.


Thorough preparation is everything! Once you have approved your colour and sample, it’s time to prepare for the multiple stages of production on your project. Sufficient colours and coatings are mixed to complete the project and deal with repairs later. The substrate will be repaired and sanded to ensure a completely smooth surface then thoroughly cleansed to remove any dust or contaminants that could weaken adhesion of the priming coats.


Incredible finishes require incredible patience and attention to detail. We cut no corners! After the paint area has been masked off with precision, high quality specialist primers, undercoats and sealants are applied coat by coat before the colour and finish layers are applied. Each layer dries in a sealed dust-free environment and once all the paint layers have completely cured a very fine process of polishing is carefully undertaken to remove any tiny defects.


Once the item is finished, we will conduct our own detailed inspection of the project to ensure that it meets our stringent quality standards before inviting you to view it. We’ll guide you through the technical aspects so that you can be sure that you are satisfied on every point. If the item is to be installed on your premises, a second inspection will be scheduled to approve the quality of the work, correct positioning and secure fitting.


Spectrum service doesn’t stop when the paint dries. We can advise on the best method for transport and delivery, or, if you have your own team, ensure that they are fully briefed and, if necessary, supervised to ensure safe transport so that no damage occurs to your newly painted item in the process.


Installation of an item with a fine quality finish requires proper professional skill and care, particularly if it is large or located in an awkward position. Spectrum will have planned for this stage right from the start - one of the reasons a site visit is essential in the beginning. Fixtures and fittings as well as safety and any potential requirements to move or dismantle other nearly elements will have been factored into our plan.


Spectrum can provide storage for an adequate supply of all the materials and fixtures and fittings involved in your project to ensure that any mishaps or damage that occurs can be seamlessly repaired.


Your entire project will be professionally documented including all formulas and technical specifications as well as necessary paperwork for health & safety, sustainability and insurance purposes.


We will provide full advice and instructions for the protection, maintenance and cleaning of finished surfaces to keep them looking as good as new. And of course, if you have a question or problem we are only a phone call away.