WORKING WITH SPECTRUM: Automotive, Marine & Aviation Designers

Award-winning transformations & restorations

A superior quality result that respects the character and class of your vehicle takes professional skill, technical knowledge and experience, dedicated craftsmanship and a commitment to put in the time and sheer hard work – and that’s before you even consider the creativity. It helps a lot that we love what we do.

Planning is everything and we make sure that you are fully briefed on what the road ahead involves and how we plan to execute your vision. The creative process is always collaborative and, right from our very first conversations, whether you come to us with a picture in a magazine or a fully worked out brief, our individual attention to your project and guidance on the choices and possibilities available to you, allow you to enjoy being as involved as much as you want in the development a truly bespoke colour finish that will stand proud in any company.


Our approach to surface preparation is meticulous. The process begins with careful pulling down and inspection to identify any damage or faults in the substrate or supporting parts that need repair or replacement. Surfaces will be thoroughly stripped and cleaned before the sanding process and priming for the colour and finish coats begins. This is not a process that can be rushed, Spectrum takes special care to allow each layer all the time it needs before attempting to apply the next and we have invested in the facilities and equipment needed to accomplish work to the highest technical and professional standards. Where fabrication or complex bodywork repairs are indicated, we work with specialist partners with proven track records in their craft.

We are also perfectly happy to work with your own third-party suppliers (or indeed, you yourself) and take on projects that have been designed and built elsewhere to add the colour and finish elements.


Custom colours are a speciality of the house at Spectrum Paintworx. Our hands-on CEO Paul Clark, who heads up the Spectrum Paintworx team, founded the company to build on his 10 years’ experience as a colourist and technician for a leading specialist paint manufacturer of international renown. The core of our entire operation is our knowledge and experience of the art and science of paint colour, it’s chemistry, pigments, how and why a particular paint is made the way it is.

What that means is that Spectrum does not simply “Buy & Apply”. We offer you colours, coatings, finishes and special effects you simply cannot find anywhere else and formulate, test and apply unique combinations that meet the most exacting standards of performance and durability.


Recreating the authentic character and iconic beauty of a classic motor colour system goes far beyond finding the right tin of paint. The application process, primers and finishes must also be identified or it just won’t look the same. For collectors and enthusiast owners of classic, vintage and contemporary marques seeking to restore their machines with historically accurate colours and finishes such as those required for Concours d’Elegance work or to restore a neglected or damaged vehicle to factory standards, Spectrum provides expert research, identification and colour matching services.


Different vehicle substrates and intended usage conditions create different challenges for the performance of paint finishes and the processes and products used need to take into account factors such as varying absorbency and chemical reactions as well as what kind of stresses and wear and tear will be in play and which could cause a final result to deteriorate unnecessarily.

Specialised finishes require skilled handling to build a layered coating that truly delivers their full aesthetic potential and endurance. They need heat and time to through cure correctly which helps with pigment crosslinking and should not, as we have sometimes seen, be carried in cold conditions.

Spectrum has developed unique finishing processes in house that allow us to achieve robust surface finishes and gloss holdout tailor made for your vehicle and the conditions it will meet in use.

Conventional clearcoats are widely used in the trade to preserve vibrancy and prevent tarnishing of any metallic elements in the pigments, but their adhesive properties are sometimes not as enduring as they should be and the result is that the finish is likely to delaminate.

Spectrum has perfected an innovative alternative solution that deals with this issue providing special effect finishes with the protection to retain their deep gloss and endure the effects of road use, exposure to the elements, natural environment and atmospheric conditions with greater durability.


For show cars that need to be transported to their destination Spectrum has a relationship with a superb specialist logistics firm who can provide expert handling and safe transportation so that your vehicle arrives in perfect condition.


How does Spectrum work?

When you choose to work with Spectrum Paintworx we want you to feel supported by a professional, well-managed process. Three things are important to us:

  • Ensuring you know just what to expect from us and when.
  • Giving you fantastic service through every stage of the job.
  • Achieving amazing results that are exactly what you want.