WORKING WITH SPECTRUM: Commercial and Residential Interior and Exterior Projects

So much more than what it says on the tin

Creating unique and creative colour and finish features for your projects is key to the success of your interior or exterior design project and Spectrum takes it seriously. We do not regard the items we make for you in isolation, we understand that they are part of an integrated whole and must harmonise and complement the rest of your interior or garden design.

After our initial conversations and in-person meetings we will, ideally, arrange a visit with you to the site where the work will eventually reside. We will be looking to assess the surroundings as a whole, consider lighting types and sources, reflections, different angles of visibility and the nature of the supporting walls or floors as well as getting a feel for the residence, the rest of the furnishings, features or equipment that might be planned or present. Of course, the personality and tastes of the inhabitants, the ambience of the area and determining any health and safety or logistical issues related either to the installation or use of the piece are also key factors of our project assessment.

All these factors play a part in the formulation of the colours and coatings we will make for you and of course the practicalities of our production process. A small adjustment to a tone or finish can make all the difference to whether a client absolutely loves the result or hates it!


Spectrum conducts thorough professional research based on our findings and when we are satisfied that our formulation and process meet with the demands of the job and achieve the creative and performance criteria we will supply you with samples which you can view at the location and make your final choices.

Product research is at the core of our operation at Spectrum. We are sometimes called upon to repair or replace faulty or inferior work by other companies and we make sure that we understand properly what went wrong the first time. It’s important for our own expertise but also in order to discover if some overlooked factor (like damp or an unanticipated heat source for instance) might have caused the problem so that we don’t make the same mistake. Nine times out of ten it is a case of poor product knowledge and a failure to look past what the paint manufacturer says on the tin when the information that could have prevented the issue is actually reasonably easy to find if you understand the industry and the implications of how a given paint or coating is made.

We do not compromise on the research and development process, your business and reputation depend on it as does ours. We take pride in ensuring that your paint finish will deal with whatever life, nature and the residents throw at it!

Like the old carpenter’s adage “Measure twice, cut once”, we know that if we take the time to go in deep before we even open a can of paint, it will save you and us time and money every time.


Different substrates pose different challenges for the performance of paint finishes. For instance, MDF and other wood substrates absorb primers and paints and over quite a short period of time the result will be seen on the surface. Spectrum has developed unique finishing processes in house that allow us to achieve more robust surface finishes and gloss holdout.

Similarly, metal spray finishes are becoming ever more popular but require skilled handling to build a layered coating that truly delivers their full aesthetic potential and endurance. These products, like all of our paint systems, need heat and time to through cure correctly which helps with pigment crosslinking and should not, as we have seen, be carried out on site in cold conditions.

Conventional clearcoats that are in wide use can help to stop the tarnishing effects but we have found that their adherence to the exciting new liquid metal surfaces is not as satisfactory as it should be, the finish will delaminate.

Spectrum has perfected an alternative solution that combats these shortcomings and will give a finish that supports and protects the liquid metal paint finish, allowing it to retain its incredible sheen and cope with wear and tear far more effectively.


For large or fragile items, especially installation artworks and sculptures, that need to be transported to their destination Spectrum has a relationship with a superb specialist logistics firm who can provide expert handling and safe transportation so that your vehicle arrives in perfect condition.


How does Spectrum work?

When you choose to work with Spectrum Paintworx we want you to feel supported by a professional, well-managed process. Three things are important to us:

  • Ensuring you know just what to expect from us and when.
  • Giving you fantastic service through every stage of the job.
  • Achieving amazing results that are exactly what you want.